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About us

We are followers of Jesus Christ and seek to honor Him with our lives as we carry out His mandate to make disciples and serve others. We do this as we depend on and trust in Him. Our desire is to radiate His character through our lives so that He might receive glory.

Our vision for the church is that the body be engaged in delivering (reaching the lost), developing (helping Christ-followers grow and bear fruit), and deploying (training and sending out believers to make disciples).

Since this only occurs in a spiritually healthy environment, the church must be a place where authentic relationships are nurtured and individuals are given the opportunity to worship God and seek intimacy with Him.


We strive to develop forums where people could be taught and challenged to engage in disciplines that nurture spiritual growth, where they are encouraged and empowered to use their gifts within the community of believers to advance God's purposes. We also focus on challenging, training, and equipping individuals to assume leadership roles and responsibilities.

My husband, pastor Eddie and I love Christ and His church, and we know He is committed to accomplishing His purposes through His people. 

We are a non-denominational church in Tampa and excited to see how God will use us in His service!

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